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Summer is rapidly approaching and most of us want an effortless natural curly look. We've received numerous emails and calls from hair scholars seeking to know the difference between our curly and deepwave textures. Look no further. We have the answers.

Curl pattern

The biggest difference between the two textures is the curl pattern. The deepwave texture is a tight wave while the curly texture has a tight coil. This difference is especially evident when looking at the ends of the hair. The curly texture has a tight curl at the ends. 

Ability to be straightened 

Both textures can be straightened, but it is easier to straighten the deepwave texture. The curly texture is meant to only be worn curly. When it is straightened, it will lose some of its curl pattern.


The curly texture is a very high maintenance texture. To avoid a frizzy and poofy look, It will be required to be wet often. It is also imperative to use a curly detangler and or curl defining cream to maintain the curly look. We recommend the following products.

Defining creme

Curly detangler


Curly texture

Deepwave texture


Still not sure which texture is best for you? 

Click here for a video that looks at the curly and deepwave texture side by side.