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A wise woman once said "Hair doesn't make the woman, but good hair definitely helps".

Lace closure sew ins and lace closure wigs have become increasingly popular. These delicate hair pieces allow you to protect your natural hair while creating a head full of flawless hair extensions. Although lace closures are convenient and beautiful,  they are also very delicate. 

Lace closures are constructed by flexing and knotting hair onto a lace net to create the illusion of a natural scalp. The construction of a lace closure is completely different than the construction of hair bundles. Hair bundles are typically sewn tightly and securely onto wefts. That is why you may notice more shedding from your closure than bundles. 

Here are tips to protect your delicate lace closure from shedding. 

1. Start at the tip

Gently brush your closure starting at the tip, never the root. Brushing at the root will cause you to untie the knots on your closure and will increase shedding.

2. Use a comb instead of a brush

If possible , use a comb instead of a brush to comb your lace closure. Once again, comb it gently starting at the tip. Do not comb it directly at the root. It will weaken the knots on the closure and cause shedding.

3. Skip the hair spray 

Do not spray hair products directly onto your closure. Hair sprays with high alcohol content will destroy the lace on your closure, untie the knots, and will cause your closure to shed. 

4.  Do not blow dry

After you wash your closure, allow it to air dry. Blow drying will put too much tension on the closure and cause the knots to untie. 

5. Tie it down with silk

Protect your delicate closure with a silk scarf at night. The silk scarf will prevent friction between your bed sheets and lace closure.

Do you have any additional tips? Comment below.

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