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The wearing of Wigs dates back to Ancient Egypt. In Egyptian society both men and women wore wigs and used beeswax to secure the wigs to top of their heads. Fast forward to 2018, wigs are becoming increasingly popular amongst millennials. Wigs can be created using a frontal or closure and bundles of hair. There is also the option to purchased fully constructed wigs that come pre-plucked.

 Although wigs are popular, the methods of securing them aren't very popular with hair edges. Methods such as tape and glue are notorious for causing hair loss. We came across a product that we think will be the next big thing in the realm of wig security. It's called wigrip. It looks similar to a velvet headband. You secure it around your head, place the wig on top and BOOM! A secured wig. It comes in three different colors to "attempt" to match perfectly with the complexions of African American women. The colors include: tan, brown, and black. Of course there are many companies that manufacture wigrips with prices ranging from $5-$20; however the wigrip manufactured by Milano for $19.50 appears to be the best. Check out this youtube video. It's a detailed review of the wigrip by Milano. Skip to 4:20 to get straight to the point. You can find the Milano wigrip here on Amazon. 

 Next time you wear a wig try to secure it with wiggrip to protect your edges. No tape, no glue: It sounds perfect to us.