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In 2018 we have so many options. In addition to deciding if we want a middle part or side part for our installation, we have to decide between straight or bodywave hair. Both textures have 5 star reviews at IvyLTresses.com. But have no fear, we'll make the decision a tad bit easier for you.

Straight Texture 

Our Straight texture is recommended for the perfect sleek look. If you prefer your hair to be perfectly bone straight, this hair is for you. This is also the best texture if your desired style is a sleek bob. Our straight texture is so flawless that it doesn't need heat when installed. If you prefer flat ironing your hair, it will only be necessary to add heat once per week at maximum. This texture is versatile and can hold a curl, but the curls will drop within the first few days of styling. 

BodyWave Texture

Soft waves can be effortlessly achieved with our bodywave texture. Most ladies prefer to wear their bodywave texture in it's natural state. It's an easy style to wear. Just get up and go. This texture is also versatile. It can be straightened and curled. Our bodywave texture is the perfect texture if you prefer to wear your hair curled. This texture will hold your curls for up to a week.

Still unsure? Read our reviews at IvyLTresses or drop us an email at info@ivyltresses.com. Get free priority mail shipping with code "FREESHIP"