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We all love a beautiful and flawless sew in weave, but we all despise the itchy scalp that comes with the territory. Have you ever noticed that when you start patting your head to relieve the itching, you can't stop? I know it's universal! Beyoncé wrote catchy lyrics about it back in 2006 "pat your weave ladies, pat pat pat your weave ladies". 

I've always wondered "why does my weave itch so much"? It could be for a number of reasons.

1. Dandruff

African American hair is much drier and doesn't produce as many oils as other races. The dry scalp and dry hair leads to dandruff. A solution to this may be having your stylist apply oils infused with jojoba or tea tree to your scalp before the sew in is installed. It is also important for you to oil your scalp frequently after your sew in is installed with said oils.

2. Tension

The foundation for a flawless sew in is braids . At times, stylists may braid your hair too tightly and or sew the hair in too tightly.  When the hair is pulled too tightly, hair follicles become inflamed. This may lead to itching. A solution to this may be to have your stylist not braid your hair too tightly or sew the hair in too tightly. 

3. Lack of protection

There may not be enough protection  between your braids and the weave. This may lead to additional tension on your braids, and as a result increase itching. A solution to this may be sewing a net onto your braids. The net will act as a barrier between your braids and the weave and will relieve some of the tension 

In addition to these three solutions, you can also just scratch it the old-fashioned way with a rat tooth comb. Tell us! Which techniques do you use to relieve yourself from an itchy sew in?